What is the difference between Free and Pro version?

Professional accounts come with several advantages: a personal domain, 5 GB email boxes, website statistics, dedicated support and advanced components like e-commerce, booking, privata area and Script.

Why Free Version is totally FREE?

Free account uses 3rd level domain such as and enables the use of several components with no time limit. You can try the advanced features that will be visible to your visitors when you decide to upgrade to PRO account.

Can I update my website by myself?
Yes, all the times that you wish and anytime you want. Every change 
is automatically saved and modifications will be sent to the search engines.
Do I need to install any 3rd party software? 

Nope! FLAZIO is a web application, thus it is available 24X7 online at
You can access from any PC that has an internet connection.
How long will it take to go online?

Your website will be active in a short while, and you can access your edit area after signup. 
You can then begin customising your website with your content and your creative ideas.
Can I use a domain which is already mine?

Sure! Transferring a domain is really easy. 
You need to ask the authcode (a transfer code) from your old provider and insert it during registration phase in Flazio.
I own a VAT ID for my activity: can you put it in the online invoice ?

Flazio enables to register your professional account as a Company. In this case you need to fill the registration form with company data and you will receive your invoice. Don't forget your VAT ID!
Will my website rank high on the search engines?

Sure, Flazio automatically optimizes all your content.
Your data will be automatically sent to the search engines for indexing.
How much traffic do my website get?

PRO version is integrated with a statistics panel that will give you detailed information about your visitors.
All statistics are updated in realtime.  You can discover the keywords used by your visitors to find your site on the search engines and the number of online visitors. 
Can I modify title, description and keywords for my website?

Yes, and it's super-easy by using the optimization panel: 
FLAZIO gives you full access to your website.
How many pages can I create?
As many as you wish, with no limits. 
Create as many pages as your project needs.
Can I sell my products with an online shop?

Yes, you can. If you are a PRO user, FLAZIO gives you the possibility to use a powerful e-commerce panel where you can control your products, prices, payment options and shipment cost.
Will my website support foreign languages?

If you wish, you can use the powerful Flazio multilanguage component.
With the multilanguage component translating website is easier than ever.
Is my website ready for mobile access?

Yes, it is. You have 2 options: an out-of-the-box adaptive version of your desktop website, or you can create a mobile version with a special editor version for better visual performance.
I made a mistake. Can I rollback to a previous version?

Yes, you can. Just click on the "undo" option (you can find in the upper right part of Flazio editor). 
With this button you can undo your last changes (and you can redo them with the other button if you wish).
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